In an increasingly globalized world, French is one of the most important of the internationally spoken languages. Statistically speaking, French is currently:

• The 5th most spoken language in the world with 274 million speakers.

• The 2nd language learned as a foreign language after English.

• The 3rd language used in business around the world, and

• The 4th language of the internet.


ACC 375 French III is a course in French oral communication, because it is important for students to learn to express themselves freely, without anxiety, and with some degree of competence in a language other than their mother tongue. In ACC 375 French III we will deliberately put the focus on French oral expression, communication, and culture.


In French III, students will be able to freely choose, in small discipline-oriented groups, their research topics, whether in the sciences, social & human sciences, law, economy, arts or literature. Student research groups will be encouraged to draw upon any form of media and communication from the various academic disciplines in the construction of their research projects, and may freely use tools such as documentary video, comic art, theatrical representation or other types of performance art, posters, etc. In addition, to aid in the construction of student research projects, we may watch and analyze videos, or use other resources more directly related to student fields of interest, such as a business meeting; a job interview; a conversation about art and cinema; a scientific talk or a philosophical debate. The various research projects in ACC 375 French III, both in form and in content, will need to focus on some aspect of French culture and language.


In ACC 375 French III we will learn presentation techniques, and we will try together to understand the difficulties of communicating effectively in this beautiful language. For example, what is the jargon used in specific academic disciplines; what are the traps to avoid in pronunciation; and what level of oral expression corresponds to the student’s overall language level. We will also study in French III other dimensions of French culture and verbal communication, such as those suggested by language images, metaphors, and plays on words.


ACC 375 French III is ideally designed for intercultural learning, and building interdisciplinary projects in all the areas of the Liberal Arts & Sciences. All students interested in French communication, but also those who are interested in and open to questions of global and international importance, are invited to join.