This course is designed as a research seminar, which a different central theme for each edition of the course. The resource management problems we examine serve as a basis to teach advanced geological, geochemical and geophysical topics. Student then apply this knowledge, together with that from previous courses in the track, to the creation policy assessments and recommendations based on analytical reviews of the latest relevant scientific literature. Each student must not only complete an individual review and assessment paper covering unique aspects of the research problem, but also contribute to an group poster/presentation which is to shared with a more general audience. After this course the student will have an experienced understanding of how earth scientists use and expand their knowledge of earth systems in order to provide society with the best possible answers to pressing policy questions concerning proper use of the limited resources of our planet.
Course outline EART301 Spring 2020v2.0.pdfCourse outline EART301 Spring 2020v2.0.pdf