World Religions course description:
The religious traditions of the world represent a category of life most of us take for granted. We are used to being bombarded with news fragments about events related to the major world religions, and tend to assume that we understand what we read or hear. Yet few of us have taken the time to truly study the religious traditions that have an impact on the events of our time. In this course, the student will be introduced to five of the most influential ‘living’ religious traditions: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism. Where possible we will make use of documentary films to highlight core ideas and practices and establish cross-connections to recent events.

For more details see the course outline from fall 2019 below. No major changes are planned for fall 2020 so this course outline will give a good impression.

Info about other courses in the religious studies track:
Wisdom of the East will not be offered fall 2020, but will return fall 2021. In Spring 2021 a 300 level will be taught (in all likelihood Religion and Ethics) and a 200 level (either Bible in the Arts, previously taught as a 100 level, or a new course on Islam).

The most recent track outline of the religious studies track, which has more information on upcoming courses, can be downloaded here:
Course outline AH 165 b.pdfCourse outline AH 165 b.pdf