This is a course on French literature. Throughout the centuries French writers have made their mark in the whole of the Western world and beyond. French has been the language of the intelligentsia, the diplomacy and the rulers of the world. ‘Tolerance, happiness, religion, human rights…’ are all treated in their Works. Various universal and actual issues are designed to give you a comprehensive overview of French culture and literature, but also the most modern writers enlighten the understanding of the new intercultural and hybrid literature.

Each semester, a different topic is treated – for example: ‘La littérature française de l’exil’ or “La femme et l’islamisme”, etc. The goal of the course is to give a comprehensive overview of a specific dimension of the modern French literature. French literature is always related to social and political situation. Students should reflect to different themes related to the proposed literatures, for example: “the study of subjectivity”, the question of “integration”, “freedom of women” or “Time and space in the narration”. Students learn the method of analyze and "commentaire de texte" and "la dissertation " (in French way). Then they choose an "attack angle" and build a "problematic" (research question) before composing their argumentation.