Life comprises a variety of situations and interactions in which private law plays a role. Simply considering the home implicates several complex relationships: family relatives, landlords and tenants, neighbors. Stepping out the front door leads to a further range of interactions that can have legal consequences for those involved. The rights and obligations associated with relationships and interactions among (natural and legal) persons are largely determined by a collection of legal areas known collectively as private law.

This course introduces students to principles of selected fields of private law, and students will closely examine property law, tort law, contract law, and other legal areas. The overarching principles within each of these fields will be illuminated using a comparative law approach, considering primarily the legal systems of Germany, France, England, and the United States of America. Additionally, students will be challenged to consider private law concepts in broader contexts. Building on the skills acquired in SSCLAWJ101, this course will seek to uncover the latent social, economic, and political pressures underlying many of the legal principles that will be discussed.
Course Outline SSCLAWJ205 Principles of Private Law Fall 2019 - Group 1.pdfCourse Outline SSCLAWJ205 Principles of Private Law Fall 2019 - Group 1.pdf