Science and Society (SCIGNRL105) is intended primarily for students that do not have a background in the (natural) sciences, hence is especially suitable for non-science majors. The students will start to grasp and use scientific methods and develop their scientific thinking and reasoning skills. The aim is to "do science" at a level that is appropriate and to cover many scientific fields with guest lecturers from various disciplines, providing a broad perspective.
The focus of the Science and Society course is to provide students an improved understanding of the vital role of Science in Society. The course will broadly travel through the various scientific disciplines. Special attention will be given to issues that bear great global and societal relevance. Such issues may include climate change, vaccination, natural disasters, the digital revolution and privacy issues, "power" of the pharmaceutical industry, genetic manipulation and more. The class will also be welcome to suggest other hot issues they would like included in class discussion.
SCIGNRL105 2019-2 Course Outline (6).pdfSCIGNRL105 2019-2 Course Outline (6).pdf