Cognitive science is a relatively new scientific field that deals with the study of higher-order human brain functions. This field combines techniques and concepts from many disciplines, especially from Neuroscience and Cognitive Psychology, but also from Medicine, Philosophy, Physics, Computer Science, Linguistics and Anthropology. During the last two decades, this integrated approach has gained a central position within the scientific realm due to dramatic new insights about human cognition and the development of new research technologies.

This course will familiarize you to concepts and skills required within the discipline of Cognitive Science. A selected number of key topics within the field will be discussed, including memory, action, perception and emotion. It will provide a good working knowledge of the basics of neuroscience, including neural communication and brain anatomy. You will also be introduced to the various (imaging) techniques as a tool to study brain function and complex behaviours. Moreover, we will discuss and practice the critical evaluation of scientific articles, such that you will become able to extract main objectives and pinpoint an article’s strong and weak points as well as its relevance. The course assignments include some experiments you have to undergo and report about, a critical analysis of a scientific paper and a midterm and endterm exam.
Course Schedule (total) SCICOGN101 Fall 2019.pdfCourse Schedule (total) SCICOGN101 Fall 2019.pdf