This course concerns the chemistry of life. The evolution of living organisms started with pre-biotic chemical reactions and chemistry remains the basic science underlying biology. Biochemistry, the chemistry of life, deals with the chemical reactions that produce the specific biomolecules of life nucleic acids, proteins, carbohydrates and lipids. The orchestrated synthesis, degradation and transport of these molecules is what enable the self-assembly and reproduction of simple and complex organisms. Although organisms vary enormously in complexity and biological properties, they all use similar types of complex biomolecules built from the same monomeric building blocks. Living organisms also use similar mechanisms for encoding and transmission of information, for compartment (membranes) formation and energy metabolism. Errors in the production, proper localization or degradation of these molecules often will cause disease. Biochemical knowledge thus is essential for understanding the molecular biology of cells, the causes of diseases, and the possibilities of bio-technology. This course is recommended for any curious science student wanting a deeper understanding of the chemistry of life and pre-medical students.