Chemistry is a massive scientific field (expressed among other things in the world’s largest index known as the Chemical Abstracts Service) not easily condensed in one or even three courses at any university in the world. However, in order to convey a general perspective on the molecular and atomic world, the first course in chemistry at the University College Roosevelt (UCR) will attempt to do just that. We'll be delving into the molecular word through the understanding of the atom, its electronic structure and its electronic behaviour with respect to other atoms. Chemistry thus is easily described in two words: 'pushing electrons'. This we will explore in this track in multiple ways and together. In the first part of this track we will learn the basics, and along the way through the track we will look more closely at what molecules can do and how they are characterised via analytical technologies available to the chemist. It is an interesting journey through the microscopic world of atoms and molecules and the many ways they interact.
Chemistry I Course Manual 2019-autumn.pdfChemistry I Course Manual 2019-autumn.pdf