How to bring about the energy transition at UCR, in Zeeland, in the Netherlands and in the world at large? This question will be at the core of many UCR activities in the Fall of 2019. Whereas it is clear that moving from fossil fuels to zero carbon is both a local and a global priority in the coming years, this complex process calls from insights from all Liberal Arts and Sciences, and efforts from all engaged citizens.

For this reason, students, faculty and staff are invited to participate in the Young Energy Society Challenge, a contest set up to celebrate UCRs 15th anniversary and the 250th anniversary of the Royal Zeeland Academy of Sciences. UCR will set up a Green Office, the orientation week will focus on sustainability, there will be a YESC kick-start on the 11th of September, students will be able to focus on the energy transition in a wide variety of courses and send in solutions to the YESC contest before November 15th.

This Moodle serves to provide information for all students and faculty involved in the YESC.