This course introduces students to the study of gender (what it means to be male or female). It is taught by Cultural Anthropologist Herman Tak and Historian Nancy Mykoff.
In the first part of the term, H.Tak traces the evolution of gender studies in the social sciences, by drawing from seminal theoretical works. His classes chart gender across cultures. They also provide the conceptual framework of the course.
In the second part of the semester, N.Mykoff looks at the gendering of life in the recent past through the present, by analyzing gender in daily life and popular culture. Her classes explore a range of topics and focus on masculinity.
Throughout the term, students conduct and present primary research. They also give presentations on scholarly articles. By the end of the course, they will have the basic knowledge, skills and tools to get at the history and consequences of gender in the past and present.
1. Course Outline AH-HIST#112 Gender Studies - Spring 2019.pdf1. Course Outline AH-HIST#112 Gender Studies - Spring 2019.pdf