This 100-level course introduces students to the practice of art & design by investigating the role and position of the student/artist in relation to his or her surroundings. We will start by mapping our immediate context: home, the classroom/studio (E.11), the city through drawing, photography and writing. What does our surrounding consist of and how do we record this in an interesting way; can patterns be found? How can we transform familiar objects by looking at them from a different perspective? A second step will be to shape the collected material into a meaningful visual narrative. Which story needs to be told? How do we connect images with words, how can we edit, arrange this material? We will work from short, practical assignments in which you will be encouraged to develop your observations into a distinctive visual manner. As a guideline a variety of artist practices will be introduced, as well as a guest lecture and an excursion.

A final project in which all elements should be applied from a personal position ends the semester and will be presented in a public exhibition.

Course requirements
In order to profit from the course it is recommended to have an open and collaborative attitude, and a strong interest in making things.​
AH-ARDP102 course outline 2019.pdfAH-ARDP102 course outline 2019.pdf