At UCR we have a number of research projects pertaining to refugees in Zeeland. This common space serves to ensure that we coordinate this research, and build upon each other's findings. In doing so, we avoid contacting the same people too often, and build up a database of information on refugee reception and integration in Zeeland. Such a database, gathered over the years, also makes that we can perform our role towards (Zeeland) society better - students and researchers do not start afresh but build on each others insights.

UCR faculty initially involved are Barbara Oomen, Marcin Sklad, Elmer Veldkamp, Sara Miellet and Anya Luscombe. Students will be invited to (parts of) the space as need arises. The common space will include a common calendar and a Wiki, and all are invited to help build and edit it. In addition, there is information on separate projects/classes.