Journalism “is an approach to writing that can be taken apart and understood” (Sheridan Burns 2013, p. 13) and we will aim to do just that while writing for different forms of news media. This course expands on your current knowledge of the English language and focuses on the writing aspect of the craft of journalism. We will first examine “news values” and newsgathering techniques. Then, in a series of assignments students will have to find and extract information and write effective stories for different media -- all to very tight deadlines. Students will conduct interviews, write agency copy and features and produce multi-media content. We will thereby also work on the conciseness, accuracy and versatility of your English writing. You will also be asked to reflect on both your own learning process and on the professional context in which journalists work. In Spring 2018 this course will be part of SIREE, a large European funded project aimed improving the social and economic integration of refugees in the Netherlands, the UK, Belgium and France. Students in the course will get involved in interviewing key stake holders and reflecting on the issues involved in reporting on Migration and challenges and opportunities that Refugees face in terms of housing and employment.