This second year lab course is designed for science students in chemistry and environmental science. The lab course builds somewhat on SCI191 regarding analysis methods such as AAS and UV-VIS spectroscopy. There is a central theme: recycling, recovering, remediation. The focus is mostly on metals that could end up in the environment. The course involves low temperature experiments. The topic for this semester will be electronic-waste and recovery. We will be dismantling electronics (computers mostly) and study as much as possible the metals present and estimate their quantities. We will be leaching (hydrometallurgy) metals from E-waste, determine the leachate composition, recover metals from the leachate and study the toxicity of leachate or solid E-waste components (could be plastic) in the lab using Daphnia. Recovery/removal of metals from aqueous waste streams will also be studied using precipitation, cementation, adsorption (and electrochemistry). Visual Minteq (or Geochemist Workbench) will be used to analyze data.