Capstone Entrepreneurialism is designed as an intensive, multi-dimensional and integrative course to provide UCR students with in-depth understanding of the theoretical, methodological and practical aspects of Entrepreneurialism, as well as some public policy dimensions.

The aim of Capstone Entrepreneurialism is to allow the students to:

- develop an in-depth understanding of the most important models, frameworks and tools in the area of Entrepreneurialism, and their application in Business Entrepreneurship and Social Entrepreneurship,

recognise the complexity, challenges and risks that are inherent to the entrepreneurial process,

understand the specific characteristics of the Entrepreneurial Mind-Set, and eventually develop an Entrepreneurial Mind-Set,

recognise the impact and importance of Entrepreneurship for economic growth at regional and national level,

evaluate critically an entrepreneurial undertaking,

-  apply Entrepreneurship concepts and tools in real business cases in the area of Business Entrepreneurship and/or Social Entrepreneurship, and possibly in a real company context,

- get acquainted with a real start-up community and eventually get involved in research or practical assignment in some of the start-up companies or other organisations in province Zeeland,

-  develop an in-depth understanding of the critical factors for success in Entrepreneurship and illustrate them with a review of several case studies in the area of Business Entrepreneurship and/or Social Entrepreneurship.