Chemistry is a massive scientific field (expressed among other things in the world’s largest index known as the Chemical Abstracts Service) not easily condensed in one or even three courses at any university. However, in order to convey a general perspective on the molecular and atomic world, the first course in chemistry at the University College Roosevelt (UCR) will attempt to do just that. Emphasis thus is on the molecular aspects of chemistry. In the first course, we will use part of the book Organic Chemistry by Bruice, 8th edition. A number of subjects will be dealt with:

  • –  Structure and state of matter and its measurements

  • –  Chemical bonds

  • –  Chemical reactivity

  • –  Acids and bases

  • –  (Bio)organic chemistry: alkanes, alkenes, alkynes, and etceteras

  • –  Types of reactions

  • –  Stereochemistry

    Although we will follow the book in general, some extra material (such as name reactions and mechanisms) will be discussed in the lectures. These extra lecture features, and all other lectures, will be put on Moodle during the course.