Fall 2021 Book:
Biochemistry: A short Course, 4th ed. (2019) Tymoczko, Berg, Gatto & Stryer
Freeman & Company
ISBN 978-1-319-24808-6

This course concerns the chemistry of life. The evolution of living organisms started with chemical reactions and chemistry is still the basic science underlying biology. Biochemistry, the chemistry of life, deals with the chemical reactions that produce the specific molecules of life like proteins, sugars, lipids, sugars, and nucleic acids that enable the self-assembly and reproduction of simple and complex organisms. Although organisms vary enormously in complexity and biological properties, they all use similar types of biomolecules for encoding and transmission of information, intra- and intercellular signaling, compartment formation (membranes), building and degrading macromolecules, energy metabolism, and any more features that can be found across all domains of life. Errors in the production, proper localization or degradation of these molecules often will cause disease. Biochemical knowledge thus is essential for understanding the molecular biology of cells, the causes of diseases, possibilities for bio-technology and many other applications.