The application of artificial intelligence has already impacted several sectors of society: communications, industry, commerce, medicine, and transportation. Smart cities will be able to optimize resource use and make themselves more sustainable. Emergent technologies now support research into the building of machines that learn and think like people.

This course aims to provide the student with foundational abilities in: knowledge representation, learning, planning, reasoning, and searching by agents. The course will involve several laboratories and projects, so it is important students have their own laptops and know how to program. Experience will be gained constructing a small-scale intelligent system. Homework exercises will explore historical and recent developments as well as societal impacts. There is only a Final exam in this course, no Midterm.

By the end of the course a student will have obtained an understanding of how artificial intelligence helps shape the modern world.
SCICOMP203CourseOutlineJune2021.pdfSCICOMP203CourseOutlineJune2021.pdfthe Computer Science track.pdfthe Computer Science track.pdf