This course is designed to introduce students to key issues of global sociology.

The course will mix the study of contemporary issues of global sociology combining a monograph by Sarah Ahmed, the William Little : Introduction to Sociology – 2nd Canadian Edition and the resources of Global Social Theory (.org) so as to encourage transversal reading and thinking. The course combines some of the most urgent topics of contemporary global sociology and with an in-depth of the most recent work of Sara Ahmed. Students are expected to understand the current value of sociological thought and learn to develop relevant and informed analysis of the social problems of our times. Students are also expected to reflect on their geo-historical positionality, actively participate in the learning process of the group and recognize how the course is implicated in the wider social and ecological reality.

The course will take the challenge to develop a contemporary approach to sociology that creates awareness about the urgency and diversity of the field. The students will get acquainted with the major problems informing current global sociology, and they will learn to develop a way of thinking and a way of building research questions in a sociologically informed way. The course will hopefully leave more open questions than answers in the student’s mind and awaken their sociological imagination.
SSCSOCI101 2020b Course outline.pdfSSCSOCI101 2020b Course outline.pdf