This course offers a broad, general introduction to the History of Western music from the Middle Ages to Modernism. The history of music is primarily a history of musical style and cannot be grasped except by first-hand knowledge of the music itself. It is therefore essential to become acquainted with the sound of the music discussed and to be able to examine it more or less in its entirety. Therefore, the class will hear a variety of compositions in this course. Major Western composers and their works as well as developments of the major genres and theories will be studied.
Secondly, problems of interpretation and historical context will be discussed. Questions such as the following will be dealt with: What do we know about ancient music? What is the relationship between music and rhetoric? Why do musicologists consider the Renaissance as the Age of the Low Countries? Why is it impossible to understand works by composers such as Schütz, Bach, and Handel without any theological knowledge? Are there connections between Mozart’s work and Freemasonry? What can be said about Wagner’s success within the context of the Third Reich?
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