Today we are living in a knowledge and information society integrated in constantly expanding webs of expertise, science and technology produced elsewhere. In this course students study how, from the sixteenth century onwards, the Scientific, Industrial, and Information Revolutions have fundamentally uprooted millennia old ways of life. They investigate how more dominant forms of acting in the world and upon nature greatly stimulated the circulation of information and the accumulation of knowledge in social networks and institutions across the globe. In the second half of the course, students write an original research paper on the role of knowledge in the past. They use the rich archival material or old books accumulated in Middelburg and elsewhere in Zeeland. For example, former students have studied the role of knowledge accumulation and use in the global networks of the Dutch Empire. They have also focused on the pioneering role of Zeeland and its surroundings in the rise of modern science or on the use of information networks in the modern tourism sector. A series of papers from the course have been published in History of Zeeland in the World (Middelburg: de Drukkery, 2019), edited by the instructor and co-edited by students who took the course. Work on the second volume has begun.
Course manual AH-HIST 310 WHRS 2020.pdfCourse manual AH-HIST 310 WHRS 2020.pdf