This Moodle platform serves to inform and  to support communication between UCR Program Committee representatives and the UCR community. You can post questions, comments and suggestions. Moreover, our calendar is posted here, as well as all relevant documents, including reflections and advice on educational matters. 

The 2016-2017 UCR Program Committee includes: Irina Scheer, Elise Eijgenhuijsen (student representatives), dr. Helle Hochscheid and dr. Gerda Andringa (faculty representatives). As of January 2018, dr. Herman Lelieveldt takes over from dr. Andringa.

This is a guide to living and working in Middelburg for foreign employees. 

Several teachers at UCR have been piloting the use of Moodle as a Learning Management System. The time has arrived when a decision needs to be made by UCR whether or not to move all of UCR from workspaces to Moodle. Please answer the survey. Your input is highly valued.

This forum is to facilitate communication and discussion about UCR Council matters.